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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Feeder Matrix - Instant Alertpay Payments
Program Info:
Feedermatrix was designed with an unbeatable rate of spillover, and will prove to you
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Our Team :

We are as a Team to make money this this Program...
We are working to help All the members get PAID referrals in their downline... we are following a Random Team Build... its not Next in Line (NIL) format... as it takes too much of time for the new members to get referrals!
After you join your referral link will be added to our team rotator. Which gets you random referrals for the program!

All members get a copy of Unique Splash Page and couple of banners to promote their links on other TEs, PTC/PTR, Safelists, Text ad exchanges, etc.

Most of our members who joined us have received upto 4 referrals in their downline... this is a big achievement we can say!

Some of them have already upgraded to Level 5 and started receiving payments of $40.00 now... another big achievement we can be proud of.

Here at this blog you may share your views, problems, suggestions, success stories, jokes, songs, anything etc... but YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SPAM or POST any Links here...

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